Dr. Ajay Limaye (1997)
Guide : Dr. Dr. S. R. Gadre

Topic: Parallel Algorithms for Visualization of molecules

Dr. V. Ganesh (2008)
Guide : Dr. S. R. Gadre

Topic:Determining Structure or Geometry of molecules through Molecular tailoring

Dr. Kavishwar Wagholikar (2010)
Guide :Dr. V. Sundararajan

Topic: GA-Fuzzy modeling for Medical Decision Support

Dr. Neelesh Dahanukar (2010)
Guide : Dr. Milind Watve

Topic: Parallelization : Modeling the evolution of social norms and sanctions under natural selection

Dr. Nitin Narappanwar (2013)
Guide : Prof. Madhuri A. Joshi

Topic: Parallelization : Shape Based Pattern Analysis

Dr. H.P. Raghunandan (2014)
Guide : Dr. Smita Bedekar

Topic: Correlation based model of Autonomic Computing Systems

Mr. Rajendra Gaikwad (Ongoing)
Guide : Prof. Anjali Kshirsagar

Topic: Development of Special Plannin for Decision Support System

Mr. Nigod Dhurke (Ongoing)
Guide : Dr. Sanjay Kadam

Topic: Analysis and Interpretation of Human Pulse Signals to detect the Examination parameters for disease diagnostics

Mr. Pramod Dhumal (Ongoing)
Guide : Dr. Sanjay Kadam

Topic: Analysis of Integrative medical Databases employing Machine Learning Techniques

Ms. Pallavi joshi (Ongoing)
Guide : Dr. S. Pavitran

Topic: Analysis of transition to turbulence using wavelets

Ms. Chitra Alavani (Ongoing)
Guide : Dr. S. Pavitran

Topic: Inverse conduction in a system undergoing Charring and Ablation

Ms. Reshma Pingale (Ongoing)
Guide : Prof. Anjali Kshirsagar

Topic: Ab-initio calculations and properties study of large molecular Systems

Mr. Sunil Kuwalekar (Ongoing)
Guide : Dr. Smita Bedekar

Topic: Towards designing multiobjective based optimization framework for resource allocation

Mr. Ajay Vibhute (Ongoing)
Guide : Prof. Dipankar Bhattacharya

Topic: Statistical estimation of source properties for indirect imaging methods in Astronomy

Mr. Habib Lotfi (Ongoing)
Guide : Dr. Smita Bedekar

Topic: Designing mathematical algorithms using prime numbers for mobile network security

Announcements and Updates

Lecture for M.Sc. Scientific Computing First & Second Year will start from 10th July 2018. NEW !!!

First year schedule for 10th July.
10:30 - 11:30 AM : Orientation session
11:30AM - 1 PM : PPL-I Lecture
1 - 2 PM : Break
2 - 4 : LAB Session
Time table for the semester will be declared on 10th July.
All students are requested to be present at ISSC by 10:00 AM on 10th July.