Masters in Scientific Computing

How to apply ?

What is this programme?

M.Sc. in Scientific Computing (formerly known M.C.S. [Master of Computer Science with specialization in Scientific Computing].) programme is offered by ISSC. ISSC is one of the first schools in India and one of the very few in the world to offer a programme in Scientific Computing. It is a full-time four semester course. First three semesters consists of classroom teaching. Fourth semester consists of full time Industrial Training (IT), which is carried out at software companies or at research institutes (see Placement page)
    The teachers have academic flexibility so as to adapt the syllabus to the latest trends in the industry. This course has a very dominant lab component, i.e. practical sessions are conducted for almost every course such as Algorithms, C++, Numerical Analysis I & II, etc throught the three semesters.
    First two semesters consists of project work which is done in groups by the students. These projects are based on latest technologies which are allocated and guided by industry experts.
    Upon successful completion of this programme students can opt for working in industry or can go for research or can continue education in India or abroad.

Who can apply for this programme?

Students having a basic knowledge of computer science, and strong mathematical aptitude, along with,

  • 50% marks in B.Sc. - Computer Science
  •        OR
  • 50% marks in B.E (Computer Science/ IT /E & TC/Instrumentation & allied areas)
  • MATHS upto 12th standard is required
Those appearing for final examination may also apply.

Mathematics is Needed !!!
All applying should have a sound MATHEMATICAL APTITUDE.
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