Announcements and Updates

Lecture for M.Sc. Scientific Computing First & Second Year will start from 10th July 2018. NEW !!!

First year schedule for 10th July.
10:30 - 11:30 AM : Orientation session
11:30AM - 1 PM : PPL-I Lecture
1 - 2 PM : Break
2 - 4 : LAB Session
Time table for the semester will be declared on 10th July.
All students are requested to be present at ISSC by 10:00 AM on 10th July.

Welcome to Interdisciplinary School Of Scientific Computing

One of the first School/Institute in India to offer Masters degree in Scientific Computing for Computer Science graduates and Engineers.

       The school was founded in 1994 with an intention to bridge the gap between pure sciences and computer science.It offers MSc in Scientific Computing formerly known as M.C.S. (Master of Computer science with specialization in scientific computing).

       It is a unique school of its kind in the country and one of the few schools in the world. M.Sc. (Scientific Computing) programme attempts to strike a balance between training in Sciences and Computer Science. It emphasizes on fundamentals of a subject and prepares students to absorb specific technologies when required. School has an interdisciplinary M.Phil. and Ph.D. programme in Scientific Computing. Students from science and related faculties(like Engineering, Medicine, etc.) willing to do computational work can register for M.Phil. or Ph. D. degree.        There is hardly an area of science or engineering that does not use Computers for modeling. Some of the problems in these areas reduce to systems of differential or linear equations. These systems can be solved using numerical techniques which are more dependent on the system than the domain of the problem. As these systems come in all "sizes and shapes", solving them stretches the available computer resources to their limits. Advanced visualization techniques are necessary for understanding the solution. Data mining relates to the extraction of information from large Chemical or Biological databases. All this has led to development of "Scientific Computing" as a discipline in its own right. Broadly the term refers to the application of computational techniques to address problems in the scientific domain.

Fellowships and Placements

InHouse Faculty

Profesor Name
Professor. Dr. Shridhar Gadre

Founder, Ex-Director ISSC, Distinguished Professor

PhD IIT Kanpur and Post-Doctorate from the University of North Carolina and University of Houston - U.S.A .   ...More

Profesor Name
Dr. Smita Bedekar

Director ISSC

Ph.D. in Mathematics from IIT Kanpur on Parallel Algorithms for Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations   ...More

Profesor Name
Dr. Vaishali Shah

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Physics from University of Pune. Post-Doctorate from Iowa State University, University of Maryland, Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University - U.S.A.   ...More